What Do I Know Of Holy?


Once a seeker came to a remote mountain top to see a holy man. It was said that , ” to spend just a minute in the sages presence would illuminate someone and change their life for a lifetime. Hungry for awakening, the seeker dropped everything and set out on this pilgrimage to find the Sage, the Holy Man. Finally, he arrived at the Holy Mans front door.
A servant opened the door and ushered the seeker into the house, and through several rooms. The seeker could hardly make out what the servant was saying. After going through all the rooms, the servant told the seeker it was time to leave and took him back to the door. The seeker cried out disappointed and frustrated, ” but I was hoping to spend just a few minutes wit the Holy Man!” ” You just did”, replied the Holy Man, as he closed the door.

So often, we think the only way to see is with our eyes, to think is with our brains, and to feel is with our hearts. So often, we can’t experience any of these things because of our interpretations expectations, and unawareness of all that is going on around us.

Take a few minutes today and just become aware of what is going on around you. You may sit in a chair or get on your mat. Find a place to be still and let your awareness come about. God is here.

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