Arriving In The Now



I’ve always heard the phrase, ” Live your life looking towards Heaven”, but I’ve never lived my life that way. I have no idea what heaven looks like and most people don’t.  It entails assuming that if I lived in the NOW or the MOMENT, I wouldn’t be living as deeply or as intentional, or even glorifying to God. I think that is because people assume that when one lives in the moment, they live in ways that are not conducive with their faith. That maybe they will act emotionally irresponsible, but I think that is only when we choose to not live conscious lives, don’t you? To live thoughtfully in my mind is to be mindful of how I think and act in THIS moment, not from what others think I should do or think, but what is authentic and honest as me. I have been studying the word, “ETERNITY”, and it’s real implication is that it means “NOW”. NOW is the kingdom happening. NOW is the present distress or fulfillment of things to come. So, for me, the moving from the mindset of living for my future hope to living for my present hope is actually challenging me to live eternity NOW more fully. I only have today for sure and so how do I make the most of it in relation to my God, myself, and others? Jesus , the Christ talked about living sufficiently for the day. He spoke often of His kingdom being now, within and among us. I love that and I’m embracing that as I move towards my 60th birthday. I’m not afraid. I’m excited.

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