Putting Away Childish Things



Life Recovery begins with the first step to acknowledge that we still are holding on to the teddy bears that comfort us, even when they are unhealthy. As we grow, clinging tightly to those teddy bears, even when they are ragged and tearing more and more at the seams, we hold on for dear life, supposing that if we lay them down, we shall never be comforted again. IS THAT TRUE? We assume that it is because we have never allowed ourselves to see the other side long enough. We live fearful lives already, but the fear of the unknown is more fearful still, and so we stay on the same road clutching our teddy’s, hoping for the train that will take us to another destination. Or not. WE are the ones that must make the choice to go, and little by little as the teddy begins to drop it’s stuffing, we need to not pick it up and put it back in, settling to try to hold it all together. Things come apart for a REASON.

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