THE CALLING of YOUR Storyline….


My new theme for my Yoga156559_433186150025798_1927307612_n classes is “Who Would You Be Without Your Story”? Tonight I’m venturing in with Samuel, the Prophet. We all know the story of Samuel , how his mom couldn’t get pregnant and she cried to the Lord and He heard her and she became pregnant and she dedicated Sammy to the Lord, meaning that at a young age, he was taken to Eli the priest and there Sammy lived for the rest of his days. Here this woman had waited for a child and THEN entrusted him to another who couldn’t even restrain his own sons! And a PRIEST to boot!!!( OY) Anyway, the storyline goes that Samuel began hearing a voice in the night calling to him and he kept thinking it was Eli and so he would go to inquire what Eli wanted. FINALLY ( duh) the priest figured it out that the LORD was calling Sammy and he said to say, ” Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” So, Sammy did so and he received orders from the Lord and started his prophetic ministry. Samuel was GIVEN a story by his mom. A choice was made by HER how Samuel would live out his life. He had no early say in where he was going to live. He hadn’t the normal life of a child with his mom. She gave him away! Even though Hannah gave him to the Lord, a child doesn’t understand such things. Though we don’t know this INNER story, we can imagine that Samuel was like us, a normal child, separated from CHOICE to live how he wanted. The deal is, how often have WE heard the call of the Lord throughout our growing up years and didn’t know what this THING in us was? We just kept going back to sleep! AND….it kept pestering us until we answered.

DID YOU EVER think you would be called to a ministry of YOGA??? Or anything else for that matter?? Yoga DREW you, but you had been GIVEN to the Lord and didn’t feel you could enjoy it because of fear, teachings, and such. Often the church has told us we couldn’t do it! BUT, it kept calling us, until FINALLY we said, ” Speak LORD for your servant is listening!”

OR, another calling drew you. How can this be? It CAN and it IS.

And it is here that God has prepared for YOU. Not only for others but for your own HEALING.


All the heartache, the rejection, the pains and the joys of your life all brought to THIS ONE climactic point. Samuel had a choice when he finally understood that it was GOD calling. He had to look at his dreams of being a normal little boy that was given away to God. He had to look at being raised by a priest. He had to look at his longings, his disappointments…his PAST, and make a decision for his PRESENT, in order to embrace his FUTURE.

WOW. And here we are in our storyline. We can look and see that it was GOD calling all along, and we didn’t answer too soon or too late. TRUTH is ALWAYS right on time, JUST IN TIME….

He’s GOT US…..

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