Transformational Change


In my opinion, the first step to any spiritual transformation begins with the understanding that there are two forces involved. We often try to fight or engage an “unseen and outside” force and blame our lack of “victory” on that outside or unseen force, when much more often, it is something from the inside of us that either we cannot admit or won’t. To blame something on the outside is to not take responsibility for one’s free will to choose. It’s easier because then, when change doesn’t happen, we can continue in our dysfunctional belief ” I can’t “, rather than move on to the most powerful, ” I CAN and I WILL.”
Powerful transformational begins when I am wiling to do the harder inner work of self inquiry. That is what moves me away from the ego and open to the Spirit, rather than the other way around. It’s often a “HUMP” where one either stays stuck on the lower side of life, or climbs the hump and gets to the to the other side. It’s a choice to begin living  a conscious and authentic life for myself and before God and others. Freedom will come one step at a time. When I am patient, I am allowing Spirit to lead the way. When I become impatient, it is there that the ego is involved. How is that so? It is most often the ego that wants to appear as “this or that” to others, and patience is not one of it’s virtues. It isn’t difficult at all to see when the ego rules. It’s always all about “me” and how I appear to “others”. That is the hump to scale. That is where transformation is able to happen. 
Have a beautiful day and remember this: YOU are completely acceptable and deeply loved. YOU are enough.
If it is a transformation that you are seeking into knowing that, it is there for the taking…

If it’s one of those “hump” days for you, guess what? I believe in you! 390868_332086846815337_280392508651438_1167525_784712881_n

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