RE-ALIGNMENT: Body, Soul, & Spirit


VIVEKA in yogic terms means: Discernment. It means paying close attention to your experience of life, while listening to the whisper of your soul. (Bhava Ram, Deep Yoga) It is the making of decisions at the level of the soul, not the peripheral things outside of it that are temporal.

I invite people to make intentions for their lives everyday because research shows that those who do so tend to live in a more purposeful way that goes to that deep gut level. It draws them to look at their dreams, discern if they are able to fulfill them, and then sets them on their course to that fulfillment.

What happens when something comes along and pulls the rug out from underneath then?
ASSESSMENT. ( What will this do to my dream?)
DISCERNMENT. (Am I suppose to go with it or keep on the path I’m going?)
RE-ALIGNMENT. ( What do I need to adjust, change, do?)

To Align oneself is to ADJUST everything in our bodies, starting at the feet and moving up the body. Alignment is often uncomfortable because we are not use to standing up straight and in proportion. Our muscles and cells have MEMORIES stored within them after years of doing things one way and they want to retreat back to that way very quickly. To live an aligned life, this needs to be understood or we will fall back in to what’s comfortable rather than move towards healing.

RE-ALIGNMENT, if heeded, will create a fruitfulness in our lives as it teaches us to let go and root down to a deeper level of living. Often, the storms of life that we resist are there to root us deeper, like how the wind forces a tree to sway. The swaying determines how we bend and the depth of the planting determines how we grow.

To move through life when it gets uncomfortable is to allow for space in the heart. When we use VIVEKA, we no longer look at things as mountains that we cannot scale. Rather, we look at them as a way to re-adjust our thinking, realign our dreams, and then move forward with a tenacity to fulfill them.

Have a beautiful day.


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