The Heart Of The Path


Something I learned from Mark Nepo is when I ponder all the different paths people are on in life, my first consideration before I step on it myself is, ” Does this path have a heart?” If it doesn’t have a heart, I question if it has a mind as well. Without a mind and heart, how can a path be safe, sturdy, reliable? The mind and the heart are crucial if one wants to walk in truth. We hear ” The mind of the matter”, “the heart of the matter”, because both the heart and the mind DO matter. It’s just that often, we must , while taking both into consideration, decide if and when they are serving us or causing us to suffer. IF they are causing us to suffer spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, the path might need to be reexamined, OR the way we are walking it.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends! ❤ images-45

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