The Heart Of The Matter In Prayer



❤ “For Prayer to reach it’s full power, the heart must be it’s speaker.” ~Nischala Joy Devi~

❤ In my own journey of being a “Prayer Warrior”, I’ve thought that certain phrases said forcefully or with great conviction and intention will change “what is”. But is it that? Do these prescribed “methods” really work?  And if they work once, does it guarantee they will work again?

We often take on a repetitious verbiage and add some “magical thinking”, and don’t understand that the underlying root of our prayers is fear and not faith. Panic and not trust. IF we would return to the heart, we would be able to distinguish what is in the common thread when we pray.

❤ Does the “prayer of faith” really heal the sick? In my opinion, and from my own prayerful experiences, I’ve found it is not always the body that is sick, it is the often the attitude the mind has engaged and embraced. Rather than trusting, it has begun to make itself heard from fear. Fear is a normal emotion and one need not feel guilty that it is there. Fear should have it’s voice, but when one settles in for a moment and seeks an awareness of what is is truly springing up from the mind, will and emotions, that awareness will invite us into the opportunity for insight.

❤ Living a conscious life will enable us to move away from magical thinking and begin to unearth what lies below it. This process of excavation is paramount in leading us to what faith really is. It isn’t magical thinking. It is the sober mindedness that will draw us deeper into who we are and what we really believe. We shouldn’t be afraid of it but welcome it as our friend.

❤ When we continue to resist reality because of fear, we can come to understand the fight within. The age old question, ” What IS Truth”, is a beautiful question and should not be passed over. It is indeed the investigation into the chambers of the heart that will reveal and expose the truths we really believe.

❤ In matters of the heart, we may have been taught that that everything that resides there is intrinsically wicked. But upon my own examination, I have found that is not true across the board just because someone saw wickedness in their own heart and maybe in the hearts of others.  In my opinion, just because something is said in a scripture, no matter the scripture world view one speaks from, it doesn’t mean that God Himself actually said it. Mankind has a way to infuse his own mindsets and judgments into the “Holy”. This asks for great discernment, and truth in the “inward being”.

❤ So, what really DOES work in the matter of prayer? And how does one move from the space of fear into the element of faith?

For me personally, it takes a reality check. I have to sit with myself and my heart and ask myself some very hard questions when my reality is clashing with my prayers. This deeper work of going into the heart uncovers so many hidden agendas and desires that I often don’t want to make known to myself or others. But, in my quest for “What Is Truth”, I’ve had to consider the muscles of my heart that have atrophied through magical thinking. I have found that it wasn’t faith at all and it threatened to undo me.

❤ This deeper delving into my heart has enriched my life rather than hindered it as others said it might. It has been a great battle not unlike the battle between good and evil. It has actually given my prayers new muscular strength and that “workout” was daunting, to say the least.

❤ Because I’m a seeker of truth, I am not afraid to speak out about what I find there even when it doesn’t resonate with others path. The pursuit of God and prayer is as personal as is the meditations of the heart. God is so much bigger than what we have acknowledged and understood.

❤ The “keep on keeping on” phrase fits well here. Truth in prayer is a lifelong venture that with all it’s twists and turns, it begins to unravel what is so deeply rooted within us. This is the work of the heart.

❤ Namaste’

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