The German root meaning of the word, “friendship” means the “place of high safety”. How often we go through life isolated and find that we can’t get into the place in our lives that we are suppose to be without the help of other people. Sometimes, we need to hold up others, but other times they need to hold us up. This is the human condition and it is sweet. It is what we are made for. It’s written that God breathed in “them” and humankind became living souls. The image is that there were two in this wonderful Garden, but to dress and care for the garden was too much for one. It took more than what one person could accomplish. This isn’t only a story of male and female connection. It is the universal story of the connections in the humanity all around us.

Throughout our lives, we are given gifts to give to others and we are also given the gift to receive from others. The old adage, ” It is not good for man to be alone”, isn’t just about a male and female. There are places where a brotherhoods and sisterhoods are the only things that can fill a lonely place. It is why First Responders are strengthened and committed to keep doing what they do. It is why the Military can keep going into battle. They help each other stand through the battles. They help carry one another through when one is wounded. They never leave a brother behind if they can help it.


Often, we see others have a certain posture in the world and we hear it spoken, ” He is a self made man”, because of accomplishments one has succeeded at. But, is this true? Did we see the beginning of such a one?

Often, when we see someone standing , it is because they were given the precious gift of launching off of another’s stability.


We are called to be for one another and lift others up and to help them stand. But, in order to do, we go through that experience where we ourselves have become grounded and stabilized. In Yoga, we teach that we must root down to rise up. We find our stability and resilience by aligning ourselves and preparing our way before us. But, we didn’t do it alone. We got by with a little help from our friends. The truth is that our true friendships help us to shine and to look better in the world. Without them, we fall very quickly to the ground, and often they must once again step in and hold us secure. So, in the end, the beauty and the shining is because of the one who helped us stand our ground. The one behind the scenes that the others don’t see in the final version.


“Each time we are needed, we are invited to break through that isolating surface. If we can respond to those moments from the heart of our true nature, we can stumble in to that place of true meeting where our liberation is the work and our honest friendship is the tool.” Mark Nepo

It may not always take a village, but it definitely will often take another soul to get us from one place of what is challenging to the next place of high safety.


Namaste’ is the beautiful word for “the Divine, the light, the sweetness that is in me recognizes, honors, and bows to the Divine, the light, the sweetness in you.”



Photos : Stephanie Moors Photography

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