The Wearing Away…



In Sedona, what makes the red rocks beautiful is the process of oxidation and erosion, and the elements of the wind, rain, and the fire. Over the years this “falling away” has given to us the beauty of the Red Rocks.

Over our lifetimes, many things will come to help wear away who we are, and rather than fear the process, understand that the excavation is sorely needed for the transformation to take place. When we look at the beauty around us, it is this process of the excavation of the deeper things of hardness that help us to come to stability.

Taking a posture in life has so many variables and facets. When moving towards balance in life, it may appear to others like a falling, depending on the angle one is watching from and the perception of the viewer at any given moment. They may not see that it is actually a rooting down to begin rising up further. A falling and wearing away of what use to be in order to display the beauty and reality of that which truly IS and will be..

There is a “wearing away” in our lives that is there to help us become steady as we go and also will expose the beauty that is underneath the harder places if we will allow it.

“It is grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.”

This is the process of this trinity. Settle in and stabilize, and the winds, the rains, and the fire will do their work of transformation. Root down to rise up.


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