” For you are not to be called RABBI, for you have ONE teacher, and you are all brethren.” ~ Jesus~
“You search the scriptures because in them you THINK you find eternal life, BUT…you won’t come to me to receive life…..” ~ Jesus~

It’s so interesting what Jesus says even about Himself. But, we often don’t listen. We make the scriptures the Authority rather than the Master Himself.

You see, He knew that once someone ONLY HUMAN gives us a formula about what God is like, then it is the formula and the teachers opinion we begin to resonate with and emulate, and that is what we think God is. Then, when God shows Himself differently, we cannot accept it because God cannot fit into our opinion or our formulas. We begin to think that something is wrong with US. One person sees God one way, and another, another way. How can a bird in flight be penned down and captured. A captured bird becomes a stifled bird.
Everyone tries to do it. But, the thing is, the formulas are fickle. Once the opinion is given and the one who is taught doesn’t have the same experience with it, discouragement sets in and the judgment begins because the formula is SUPPOSE to work without questioning it when it doesn’t. As soon as someone tells you what God is like, those images become yours, and you begin ordering your whole world around them, and you set out to prove those images and opinions by gathering more and more information from the scriptures. This isn’t the fault of the Scriptures, but they never sought to be God. Only humans can attribute that name to them.
The problem is, the ancients missed Him altogether with this same method of madness. You find Him passing right through crowds without anyone noticing. He didn’t MEASURE up to the very scriptures they deemed GOD. This seeking formulas and opinions of what God is like distracts people from God Himself , because when we are addicted to shadow living, we aren’t experiencing the real deal. They are shadows, but we have made them solid. As soon as you begin to wrap your arms around them, they dissipate into the crowd and before you know it, God has left our midst, and is found in a circle with the children.

There is certainly a place for teachers, but to give them complete access to our brains and undue allegiance to their ideas without question, then we have forfeited our own God- given creativity. We each have different brains for a purpose. God might show Himself in one way to one persons brain, and another way to someone else. This is because we all learn and see differently. Our DNA proves it. I love that! God is not as small as we have created Him out to be. The whole Universe cannot hold I AM and yet the whole Universe displays I Am’s majesty in itself. Yet, still…only in shadows. The real deal is seen through human connections everyday. OR NOT. It is we that must open our eyes so that we don’t miss seeing God in the crowd.
In my opinion, and my life appears to coincide, the I AM cannot be measured, predicted, or institutionalized. He is seen wherever love prevails and if love isn’t prevailing, then maybe it is not the I AM one is observing. When you see I AM in full color, you will not return to the shadow. But, that has only been my own experience and the only proof would be to examine whether my life is a life of love or a life of continual shadow walking. God might be complex, but God is not impossible to relate to. Neither  is I AM so far away that one cannot reach. ” The Kingdom of God is in your midst.” Jesus never fret about it. He just said it like it was. I don’t want to  miss the I Am today by seeking out or living in the shadow of others. I AM thinks I’m worth knowing. So are you. If we can just let God out of the prisons bars we have created for Him to dwell, we just might live life outside the confines of our own makings.
It is often the ego that cannot stand the life without everything being completely black or white. There is a feeling of control when everything can be measured and predictable. But, often in that need we have to make sense of it all, we push away the very mystery that God inhabits. This pushing away so that ego can thrive never really works for long. Sooner or later, it has to face itself and what it has missed in the process of staying in control.
In yoga, we often say , ” Let it go”. When our formulas and methods no longer serve us, it’s time to make a change, open our eyes, look around, and see the GREAT…..
And in that SEEING, everyone around will get a glimpse because everyone around knows what love looks like.

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