Truth In The Inward BEING…


It doesn’t take an Ashley Madison, Mars Hill, or Josh Duggar scandal to open the eyes of the World, but often it does for those who claim to believe what they speak.
What I have found true for myself is that when truth sets someone free, it isn’t a “mental” acceptance of something ONLY without experience following. It begins first in the heart when one becomes a witness of the truth they are hearing. It becomes one’s OWN truth first in the heart ( a witness) before it is held out to others ( witnessing).

When Jesus said, ” Be witnesses of me”, this isn’t a repeating of words you read, but rather an actual witnessing of someones being, and teachings. It’s that way with every guru. If one hasn’t witnessed something or someone, then everything is hear-say and not experiential. It’s only the experiential that takes deep root and effortlessly is expressed FROM the knowing within. For people to believe in something we have to say, they must be able to “witness it”. The saying, ” Blessed are those who have NOT seen and yet have BELIEVED” isn’t an act of blind faith towards God, Jesus was expecting the witness to be SEEN and HEARD from those who would take the message forward. One cannot give out what one hasn’t received. And believe me, the “hearers” will identify it every time.
The Eastern Jesus knew these things. The Western Jesus has gotten mixed up in the “religious” mindset. He has become more of a Republican than a Guru that the World wants to follow. It’s like the book: ” Where’s Waldo?” It’s hard to find Jesus today in the crowd of Jesus’s presented to us. He isn’t running for President.
We must remember that Paul the Apostle took 14 YEARS in the desert witnessing something/someone before he ever BECAME a “witness”. It’s that way with all disciples of every Rabbi or Guru down through the ages. They EXPERIENCED their Rabbi/ Guru. We, in the western christian world, often reject people of other gurus because we have tasted of something and don’t understand that so have they. We call it “relationship” and not “religion”. So do they. IF we truly have relationship and NOT religion, our “witness” will prove itself through the way we live our lives. People will say, ” Truly this person has been with Jesus”, in the same way they said it back then, or in the same way they said, ” You’ve been with Ghandi.” We have made it so difficult for the World to see Jesus.
One knows when you have met the real thing/person, because that real thing or person permeates your whole way of life and thinking, and it will especially permeate the way you relate WITH and TO others in your path. The real Jesus isn’t shrouded behind a mask of death or respectable “behaviors”. The real Jesus is either living out loud within our actions and ways of relating to others or He is still in a tomb somewhere invisible to those we want so badly to see Him.
Is Jesus just waiting for people to come to Him? Or is Jesus wanting us to take Him to the people? IF Jesus will travel any road to find us, and we believe it is GOD’S job to change people, why don’t the religious allow that to happen? I think it’s because we still believe that religion is our idea of relationship. When religion is relationship,  we impose the religion of sin management and conformity to OUR ideas of relationship rather than freedom of thought,  and maybe the only thing people witness is actually RELIGION and not Jesus at all, and that is why they still remain imprisoned by life, addictions, rules, and lack of joy, peace, and especially love.
IF God is real, then He won’t be so busy trying to hide Himself away from the World. He wants to be seen and that SEEING will only be done through the way you and I respond to the World around us. If we do not or will not respond in love, then people will flock to the Gurus who will show them love. Even God would expect that.
“BE witnesses UNTO me.” It’s a REAL thing with REAL behavior and REAL loving.It crosses every race, religion, boundary, gender, and philosophy.
If Jesus is my Guru, so may my life reflect who He is. A scripture speaks of ” In quietness and confidence shall be my strength.”
It’s nothing that we have to set out to prove noisily.
If it does not show something of love, don’t believe a word I say. When truth is lived out, our lives reveal an open book with nothing to hide. Though we will never be perfect in this life, at least there are remnants that can be traced back to us that we live in another realm. It is true that we are still becoming what we are going to be. When that is known and seen through a conscious and authentic relating to others, with no self righteousness to be had, then we are on our way to living a relationship. We are giving birth to what’s real and it will look a lot like what we espouse to believe.

Chances are, when we show the world our authentic self, then they might be able to see the  Jesus we believe in too.

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