The Journey


” Our journey begins from where we are, it cannot begin from where we are not.” ~Yogi Desai~

So often, we want to be further ahead or in a different space in our lives and this only creates frustration and self judgment, and expecting others to be where they cannot be causes the same frustration and sets up the same judgment. Santosha is the Sanskrit word for “contentment”. It’s the space of not being attached to anything that restricts our core being, so that fears, anxieties, addictions, and so forth no longer have the upper hand. Jesus said it this way, ” Be IN the World, but not OF it.” This covers so much more than we think.

The “world” He was talking about isn’t this thing that “others” indulge in outside of themselves and we are to stay away from THEM. The “world” is the stuff of discontent that we keep seeking to fulfill us, whether it’s people, places, or things. These attachments even lead us to crave the identity of others , wanting to come along side them to give us something of value, rather than realizing the value within. It’s why people seek out knowing celebrities, whether they are in spiritual or natural situations. We will always become “disappointed” because others cannot be and never alone will be that which one seeks to bring happiness, content, and
life to us. That begins within.  We often go seeking after that next leader , guru, teacher, substance , or experience that will take us to the next high or level that we cannot seem to attain for ourselves. We would never admit this of course because we cannot allow the ego to be so honest.

It’s when we get bored of what we have or are experiencing that we delve into trying to be other than where we are on our own journey. It doesn’t matter what one’s faith is, this happens in every human experience and when we become truly awake, we can see it.  The truth will set us free when we are ready to hear it, see it, experience it, and engage with it. More often than not, Santosha is already within us but we are so use to looking outside of ourselves, we are not awake to what’s right here, right now. Jesus said it this way, ” The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” THAT is pretty darn close!
SO, the secret seems to be in the question, ” WHY am I discontent on this journey and what am I seeking to be somewhere else? There’s a lot of good stuff in that kind of inquiry.


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