To “sin” has been so misinterpreted through the ages. When one looks at it deeply, it really means to “miss the point”. WOW. That embraces so many things! ( I knew it meant to miss the mark and that mark is love, but I love even more the words ” miss the point”.) I truly believe that only love from a sincere heart is what IS the point. When I look at it THAT way, it causes this deep unraveling within me to be awake to the EGO and all it’s “tom-fooleries”. A conscious and awakened life is so worth the living because it changes EVERYTHING. It exposes EVERYTHING to the LIGHT. Only light dispels darkness. The question, ” Can you shed some light on such and such?” Means to expose the truth about a subject, to bring it INTO the light.

Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”

“And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, “I find no guilt in Him.”

SO, when Pilate asked Jesus, ” What IS truth?, basically in my opinion, he was asking Jesus to tell him the point of this whole scenario before him. ” WHY are you here? WHY are you coming to this point?  WHY are they wanting you dead? WHY are YOU such a big deal? You are just another “spiritual prophet” in our midst and what is going to happen to you happens to them ALL. SO, what the point of it all?” And Pilate went out and said that he saw nothing wrong about Jesus. THAT folks, IS the truth, the point. Jesus lived an awakened life, a conscious existence that the whole Hebrew religious world had missed the POINT entirely. Their religion had MISSED the mark of God’s whole plan. WHAT was that plan? That mankind would live in relationship to God, thus live lives of joy, peace, compassion, etc with one ANOTHER . His point was that we live together in responsibility and community.  That we take care of the plants and the animals. That we NOT abuse one another or creation. The point that we would resist our egoistic tendencies to love power, hurt, hate, destruction, to name only a HUGE few. When we see the errors of our egos, it will definitely bring us to an awareness of our ways in the Earth collective, and maybe take a deeper look at the road we’ve been on that is paved with ego rather than true spirituality.
The truth is plain to see if we will “repent” ( the cultural word back then which means to turn around and LOOK at what we have gotten ourselves involved with and then change our minds and ways.) Jesus called the world to ‘repent”. Ghandi called the world to “repent”. Siddhartha called the world to “repent”. AND they each made HUGE sacrifices to get the POINT across that we were entirely missing the MARK. Siddhartha was once quoted as saying, ” I have not been able to atone for my sin, but there is one coming that will do it for mankind.” That was 500 years BEFORE Jesus the Christ ( the anointed one) came upon the scene. What did Jesus do that Siddhartha hadn’t done? Siddhartha was an enlightened man the first time he saw LOVE in action. It was LOVE that was his epiphany as it really is the epiphany of all who would see it. It IS the point. Ghandi laid his life down for loves sake as well. He was trying to call his nation to “repentance” of their evil ways because their ways were DESTROYING each other as well as the Nation. THAT is the point. True loving never destroys another. EVER. True love awakens the light within us all to see what the EGO has been doing to destroy people, creation, and whole  Nations. It isn’t as difficult as religion has made it.it can be redeemed. Look at the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. They ALL appeared to appeal to his ego. ” I will give you ALL this, IF you will bow down and worship me.” We instead fight the ego and try to dismantle it rather than just look at the POINT. We try to fight darkness and evil, rather than just look at the POINT. Seeing the point of all things is what wakes us up. When once the ego is seen for what it really is, the “light” has been shed on it and we “repent” naturally if we hate what we see.

Finding God in the World is so simple. He is right here in our face, if we allow the light to be shined on the ego.


So, what is the answer? What is truth? What IS the point?
I can only speak from my own point of view and life.
The POINT for me is to wake up and begin seeing that Redemptions plan hasn’t changed.
Redemption compels us to see what is in control of our lives at every turn and refuse it if it’s darkness.
When it’s light, we will get to the POINT and begin becoming a tree of LIFE to the world and begin to question the reason the fig tree isn’t doing it’s job anymore. If it’s about becoming or promoting a celebrity mentality and recognition, then it continues missing the mark, missing the point of it all. If it’s about still engaging the ego, then it’s not about truly being about the Fathers business in the World.
May our mark on the World not be our OWN egotistic endeavors, but may it hit the target and call for a change in perspective of what is truth and what is a lie.

THIS my friends, is the POINT I’m trying to make. IF we will simply wake up from our spiritual slumber and become love to the World, we will be a light to the Nations. It will permeate every single thing within us that is not light. And that is when the World around us will see the POINT.

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