Eye To Eye Or Face To Naked Face?


“The good news is: If you can recognize illusion as illusion, it dissolves.” ~Eckhart Tolle~

We think that if we aren’t all thinking the same way and believing the same thing, that we have to be or are somehow against each other. We must create a wall or we might not be as strong as we think we are or are suppose to be. Unity isn’t conformity of thought, it is a state of being. It is the idea that others have something to teach me about myself and I want to listen respectively, just in case they might be telling the truth and seeing something I, myself, cannot see, and just maybe….. I have some changes to make. The ego is very uncomfortable with such because it has spent so much time in illusion, that it believes it. To keep itself intact, the struggle becomes fierce and who’s ego is strongest will be the battle that ensues.
 ” If your eye be single, your whole body is full of light”. ~ Jesus~
He wasn’t saying that you need to think one way, He was saying, “let the illusions be recognized within you because THEN you will see everything as it really is within you, the wheat and the chaff together.”
LIGHT is what dispels darkness. If one’s whole body is full of light, darkness no longer has a place to hide. But even then, Jesus said about the hierarchy at hand, ” Beware lest the light in you be darkness, for then how great is that darkness!” I think He was saying, “When you think you have it all figured out and are RIGHT, you separate yourself from everyone else who you think has it wrong. The issue is when you have a darkness that believes it is light and parades itself as light, it is the most dangerous of all to unity and growth. It satisfies the ego within so that having the illusion that all one’s ducks are in a row, one can feel safe in the World around it. The problem arises quickly that when the World around does not conform to our illusion and ego, we either begin to question our illusions and ego, or we strengthen them by going deeper into them. To question our illusions becomes such a vulnerable feeling that we are no longer safe, that if we do not have the courage to continue, we will stay where what works for us, but yet still be an island unto ourselves, where the issue of “I’m right and you’re wrong”, solidifies its position. We then stay within the shadows because coming into the light might reveal the vulnerability within.
The way to dismantle the illusion is to climb over the erected wall and begin to REALLY talk and listen to each other, getting at the heart of the matter and allowing each other to be students and teachers all at the same time. This is humility , not conformity. One can still keep what they believe to be true, but the humility softens the heart so that it can be teachable from those outside it’s own created borders.
Though it might begin to allow those ducks to wander off a bit out of the rows, the faced illusions of ego begin to mature and understand that controlling itself and others by remaining in the illusion of what is ” safe”, may actually be what leads the ducks straight into the line of traffic.
Only by becoming so honest, so willing to face all the fear that keeps us dishonest and non- thinking  humans,
Is to allow oneself to be naked and unashamed in soul and spirit, starving the illusions of the ego that is is something when it’s nothing, and then when we get face to face with ourselves and others, by- passing all the “stuff” in between us, that is when true healing begins to shape our lives.

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