Beauty In The Moment


In my yoga classes I encourage us to move in to the pose and then settle in for a bit to feel the benefits and the sensations of that pose. We often rush through life and poses to get to the next place but miss the “in between” and so often bypass the deeper moments and rewards of inhabiting and savoring the space we arrive in. WE do this because we want to get to our destination quickly and then move on. But what do we miss if we keep our eyes closed or focused on the destination ahead?
Something often so much bigger than ourselves.
Often God is moving in and around our lives in such special ways,  but we miss those moments because we are looking for that next big thing, missing the beauty and majesty at hand.
Be still and know that I am God is a powerful verse in the Bible that reminds us to take the moments at hand and not pass through them quickly. It means to settle in, center, and stay quiet, trusting the process.
It’s what we are made for.

Stephanie Moors Photography.

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