Our Circus… Our Monkey…. Humane Or Abusive?


We need to talk about the elephant in the room. We walk around it, dodging it, pretending it really isn’t there or it’s just a fixed piece of the acceptable furniture. We fight and debate stuff all around it, but it still is there, seemingly quiet, but there, nonetheless, doing its duty, performing it’s tricks.

The elephant is this: We believe there is no way in hell around the commandment: “Thou shalt not commit adultery, but we have all kinds of rationalizations and arguments for ” Thou shalt not kill.” It is American to kill our enemies and to actually hold it up as needful and even godly, as if Jesus, himself, held the first sword and placard, or drew his gun first.

We tout ” Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor”, but we speak against our neighbors and even our own brother/sisterhood all the time without checking our facts or hearing their heart, even to the point of speaking hatefully against those we once were a part of. How is it that we are like this so easily, so unconsciously? How is it that we ridicule and despise and even find it worthy to be happy that others “de-friend” us because we have chosen to show our contempt of them publicly? Do we expose the frauds because we are now greater than they? Or do our very lives expose that which is dark in others because we have exposed the darkness within ourselves first?

To raise points of interest and truth is vital to our pure connections of truth, but have we forgotten that our enemies are not flesh and blood but rather principalities and powers much darker than that of the human ego system?

Self righteousness and ego are always at the hub of put-downs and disgrace, as well the upholding of one truth as compared to another. To think that we are conscious and others are not isn’t something we hold high as placards that we attained for ourselves, but rather something that we are grateful for which we received, that we didn’t have before. It is a grace and a gift to be honored, rather than touted, is it not?

True humility will not only recognize the elephant in the room but it will also take it off it’s pedestal since it is not the elephant itself that is wrong, but rather the justification and denial that it is present.


IF there is anything that is worthy to speak about and hold high as placards in protest, it is this:

God doesn’t favor one commandment over another. Neither is God a respecter of persons, Nations, ideologies, dogmas, and personal opinions.
God is one. Maybe it’s time for us who claim God as ours be ONE as well. If we can’t be honored or lifted up by others, certainly we can be the ones who honor and lift them up.

We often forget that ” He/She who refreshes others will themselves be refreshed.”

” For if you bite and devour one another, take heed lest you be consumed of another.” We never know when the point in time will come that we need each other desperately, and if we have denied one another or chewed one another up, it is that more difficult to undo it. We will be as the refugees who left their home country because of the battles, only to be denied or be the ones to deny entrance into another’s heart. Yes, it does speak for itself when we have done such a thing or that thing has been done unto us, but the bigger picture is that those who show themselves loving will also hold high the torch for all of humanity, not only those of it’s own persuasion. Certainly, this is the season upon which to reflect concerning our own values and ideologies. What is that we can promote rather than bash about one another? What if there were no ” I love you’s, BUT….”?

I’m so happy to be in the wild because I did see the abuses while being on the inside, and also partook of it, but what I want to do, is not only bring attention to the abuses, but win over and also point out the good that can be there as well, not becoming another abuser in that process, but indeed and in word, become one of those who speak about the loveliness of what the wild and the inside of the tent holds dear. Not all is good or bad in either but each has it’s challenges in life. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. What has to be challenged is what rules the settings.

I don’t want to ride another heavily.
If I truly believe I have something to offer that is valuable, I want to invite them to be on the journey together and not fight each others journey, but rather ignite them. Friendship doesn’t compete against one another , it sees the camaraderie.


“Surely, He taught us to love one another, His law is LOVE, and His gospel is PEACE. Chains shall He break, for the slave is a brother, and in His name all oppression shall cease…..”

In the end, we are truly all the same underneath it all. We have a heart, and when we live from that heart rather than from a disconnect, we shall not only see but also experience the beauty in one another.

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