The Name(s) Of God….



We are often taught to make it out passion to “know the God of the Bible.” And I love that thought as He is all over the place in there, but there is a place I think it is even more important for ME, and that place is to get to get to know the God is this present time and moment, on my journey, in my desert dwellings, in MY here and right now: “Emmanuel Moments”.( God With Us) . I love that picture of that name! In the Bible , God would often say about Himself, ” I AM”. That name portrays to me that God is always present in every moment and situation. This is why I love that name. But, there is more….

Men and women who heard God personally, allowed revelation of some of His names in their particular situations. They would set up altars there and He would tell them, ” I am the God of…”. THAT is so personal because it meant that not only would they know the name of  someone elses’ experience of God, but they would be personally affected by a possible new name for God in their certain situation.

Each of us has our own certain deserts, winters, springs, etc. and it will be appropriate and helpful to discover God’s name in such times and seasons/places for that particular “moment” and experience.

God’s names are as personal and endless as each and every human beings person and situation in life. Though God may be ” the same yesterday, today, and forever,” each person will discover the names of God that will be so personal to their situation that it won’t be “hear-say” from another’s experience and situation, though they may be very similar.

There are some who know a name of God that I am not sure I want to know, because I’m not at all drawn to go through what they have gone through to discover that name personally. I’m not sure I always want to face a deeper challenge to know Him by a different name. This is often a result of fear and not trusting that I can make it through what others have faced. But, if life calls for me to face those fears and challenges, then yes, by God, I want to know that name.

For instance, the name ” Jehovah – Jireh means the “God who provides”, or more literally ” The God who sees.” I want to know this name when my well is dry and my pocket book, wanting. I want to know that I am provided for and will be OK in the rough times, but I will only know that name in my head knowledge if I’m not actually faced with a situation where I know it in my heart. And this can be about many different ways of provision, whether financially,  emotionally, physically, etc. I want a God who SEES, not from a distance, but right here , right now, where I am in this very moment.

Jehovah- Rapha means ” The God who heals”, or more literally, “the God who makes bitter things sweet.” I want to know this name personally when I , or my loved ones come into sickness or disease.  Yet, I REALLY don’t want to face bitter things in my life on purpose. I and no one else that I know, seeks out things that are bitter so that they will come to know this God, this name. And if I don’t see healing in a certain area, I want to know this God who SEES and this God who will make this bitter thing I face, SWEET.

So, it seems to be that to know awesome names of God, I have to allow myself to go through the seasons and the moments where I will meet Him/Her personally. I want to be willing to allow my desert places, my bitter things, my fearful inhibitions and challenges be those places where I can build an alter and write the personal name of God that is revealed to ME  in that space. Where I can say , ” The God of……..met me HERE, and now I know His/Her name personally. This never discounts the personal knowing of the name of Jesus Christ. THAT is a given to ME. But there is a place to know the name of The Father figure, the Spirit, as well. We are given those examples from the past and there is no reason we can’t experience them for ourselves in the NOW.

(note) For those who may be offended at the reference “Him/Her, let me express to you that though God revealed Himself in a man’s body in Christ, God is neither male nor female in His entirety, but actually is spoken of throughout scripture to entail both individualities, thus the reference.


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