THIS has been one of the most important realizations of my life, especially as a woman. In this journey of learning to become completely authentic in speech, person-hood, beliefs, and expression, I’ve had to shed many skins throughout my processing. Some were easier than others. Often, it was so scary to become so completely real in front of others because in that realness, the propensity for rejection is enormous. You begin to live your life out-loud and that makes others uncomfortable. There seems to be this belief that if you are who you really ARE, that you cannot be what God wants you to be. But, I say unto you that , unless you are who you really are, you are not who God has created, but rather an impostor has taken you over to pretend you are something other that you are not. The Four Agreements says it like this : Be Impeccable with your word.” To me, that means completely honest with what you say in regards to who you are.

I’ve been reading this book called, PRESENCE, and the book goes on to talk about the study of deception. It’s an actual study with much research! And in the study, it is found that , ” Truth reveals itself more clearly through our actions than it does through our words. The body says what words cannot and the body NEVER lies.” Thus the creation of the lie detector.

This last year I decided that I wanted to rid myself of all falsity that I could. This meant to become present in such a way that my own deceptions and those of others would have to be “un-friended”, so to speak. If I kept friendship with my own deception, then it would be easier to accept the deception in others. SO…the process of uncovering my own deceptions led me to the dismantling of others too. Deception can be as easy as saying one thing and doing another. It’s a lie.

Jesus said it this way about the leaders in his day, ” therefore all that they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds; for they say things and do not do them.” He was saying, ” What they are telling you is true as far as information, but if you want a mentor, don’t follow THEM, for they aren’t doing what they are telling YOU to do. Ben Franklin says it like this : An open foe may prove a curse but a pretended friend is worse. ” Why is a pretended friend worse? It’s because it’s inauthentic and truth only shows itself authentic and speaks louder than words.

When I allow inauthentic people into my inner circle, I forget who I am, because our “friends” tend to mirror stuff to us. If someone is inauthentic in their motives and speech towards me, I have to then put on something inauthentic myself to be yoked with them. I can’t do that and be PRESENT as well. I have to go “somewhere else” in my person-hood and usually that mask is a fake. I’d rather call it out as kindly as I can before I make my exit. The calling it out is love as well. It’s saying, ” I can’t do this deception to you, myself, or others, and so I’m moving on. If you want to remain in “fellowship”, then we must tackle this “thing” that is falsity between us. But, if you can’t, then you must understand that I must make the decision to cross over to the other side without you.I love you, but to be truthful and honest, I must live a conscious life, and what you are asking me to continue to emote is unconscious and unreal. I can’t do it. God demands my utmost, because to continue a lie, I must discontinue my real self.”

This is the truest form of the Namaste’. We cannot honor nor bless falsity lest we honor and bless that which is not God. God is truth in every facet and cannot lie. Therefore, the journey into this truth continues. And if I will not call deception out of myself, truly the world around me will.

If I’m telling a story that I don’t really believe and don’t really flesh out, then my story is unbelievable to those I’m attempting to reach with it.

Photo courtesy and gratitude to Wild Woman Sisterhood…


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