The Practice Of PRESENCE: Believing is SEEING.


” When you are present and available, people have the desire to offer their authentic self to you. All you have to do is ask. No one keeps a secret. No one. They might be resistant initially to tell you something, but eventually they will give you their whole life story. It’s because every person has this need to be seen and heard.” Julianne Moore.

So often when I hear the popular phrase ” Pray that God shows up when I do this or that”, I want to ask the person, ” Is it God you want to show up or is the prayer for YOU to look good before the situation or person/people?”
It’s really something to ponder if we are honest with ourselves and others. I mean THINK ABOUT IT. The phrase shows the belief that we think God is OUT THERE SOMEWHERE and He picks and chooses where to go or where to be.  And then what determines IF God has actually “shown up”? A good meeting? A good outcome? Something dramatic? Did God NOT show up if everything was messy, or wasn’t ALL THAT?


My answer to these kinds of prayer requests and ideas are, ” YOU show up, in your authentic self, and whatever happens or doesn’t, God is already there. We all have a need to be seen and heard, ( and it’s not a selfish or bad thing), but allowing that need to not get mixed up with whether God was present or not, or did something awesome or not, shouldn’t even be in the mix. If YOU are present, God is present , because God lives within and among. God doesn’t have to do anything dramatic. God doesn’t HAVE to be seen or HEARD because it’s always a given.545528_523036414390722_63914966_n

When we get that understanding, we can have that same mindset. And when we understand the I AM, it is a huge resting place, a place of peace, a place of PRESENCE. A place where we don’t have to prove anything, we just have to SHOW up and be who we really are. THAT is the most powerful presence of God available to humanity. It is a place of love and not fear. And it makes me wonder who the prayer is REALLY about when we beg God to show up. It’s a self revelation really. Our very own prayers reveal to us what we really believe about a situation . And if FEAR is present, what to do then? DO IT AFRAID. God is right there with you and IN you, regardless. When one doubts that, the fear looms larger and our self consciousness does too.

When we allow love in and go where we need to go in THAT presence, in THAT authenticity, and in THIS mindset: I AM IS WITH YOU, we don’t have worry about whether we see I AM or not in some preconceived mentality. Just be… I AM. It’s that simple. And all the attention you give to that understanding, will bring the energy to the moment at hand. It’s already there, but when we become PRESENT to  and aligned with it, then the heart of the matter is right before our eyes. WE experience God and leave the result of what others experience between themselves and God. If we have been present and authentic, believe me, they will tell their story of that PRESENCE and authenticity too. They can’t help it because LOVE always shows ITSELF as REAL.

SO then, is it REALLY more about about us than about God? Yes. How WE show UP will determine whether THEY feel they can be REAL too. So our prayer is actually more likely to be  more authentic and honest if we would say: “Pray that I show up as I AM”, Because… God is better seen for being God if you are being seen as being YOU. I call it “being Christ in me, ME”.

teri undreiner

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