The Simplicity Of Prayer


The most simple rule of prayer is honesty and humility. Don’t give God the self you think you are SUPPOSE to be, give God yourself in all your nakedness, who you really are. Prayer isn’t spending time thinking spiritual thoughts or even spending time thinking about God. Prayer is seeing what’s right in front of you in all it’s fullness. It’s responding to life in a holistic way in the way it comes to us. Instead of a self- centered monologue, it is a God-centered dialogue.” Richard Rohr…

SO often we cover up who we really are because we have been taught so much shame about ourselves, our bodies, our hearts. We forget that we were created BY love, FOR love, and IN love and that it was ALL good. A snake in the grass (regardless of the type) came along and stripped us of that beauty of nakedness and turned it into a disgrace, something we have to hide and deny and pretend doesn’t exist. And so like the story of old, we look for a covering where we seek to hide and we hide to seek that which is given us as our birthright:To be naked and unashamed. We already had everything we needed and the story represents how we continually THINK we need something MORE. MORE wisdom, more stuff, MORE this or that.  All we need to offer is what we already have and are.


The simplicity of awakening is so simple that it often alludes us. ” Rise UP my beloved and come away”. Come away from the shame, the lie, the image that you are not enough nor will ever be enough. You are completely acceptable, deeply loved, you ARE enough. …….



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