Inhabiting My Story


“We inhabit ourselves without valuing ourselves, unable to see that here, now, this very moment is sacred; but once it’s gone- it’s value is incontestable.” ~ Joyce Carol Oates~


Today one of my friends is facing a scary visit to the Neurologist. I know that she’s trying not to worry, but she’s concerned about her memory. It’s not right. She’s still young. There’s so much life to live, so many things to remember…

I’m embarking on a 43 day journey myself, just thinking about, praying with, and holding space for my friend, what will my 43 day journey do for me? It’s a 43 day path to  realizing that we are all only one memory, one diagnosis, one moment away from losing our stories completely. It’s daunting. The challenge is calling me forward. Today is March 18 and I will follow this path until April 30, and I’m hoping it will begin a new practice that extends way beyond that.

Each day, I’m going to write and follow a little plan for living six practices of intentional living: intensity,  intimacy, inclusion, integrity, intuition, intention.

There’s only a certain amount of time for everyone’s life on Earth. How do I live mine?  DO I live mine or am I living someone elses? Am I rushing it?   Are my days filled with what’s really important to me? Am I living the life I love and loving the life I live? Am I embracing the relationships I love? Are they real? Passionate? Honest? Full of the six practices of Intentional Living? I will find out.   If tomorrow I was given a diagnosis that I only had  43 days to live, what would those days look like? Especially in a busy life like mine?

Come with me! It won’t be hard. It will be one of the most mindful things you’ve engaged in yet. Are you in?

Let’s begin.

Day 1. SAYING YES…..with INTENSITY:  This is it. It’s the decision. The challenge. Get a  notebook today that you can write down what is important to you today. It’s simple. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Today, I’m only going to get on social media once and THAT is for THIS. I’m going to write for 10 minutes everyday and I’m not going to judge it. I’m going to write UNCENSORED and I’m going to write with INTENSITY. I’m going to love JUST FOR TODAY with INTENSITY. That’s my word for today.

What’s yours?


Today. I’m. Going. To. Live. Without. RUSHING IT. I’m saying YES to CALM.

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  1. I dont understand people who fight so hard to stay here? When its full of pain heart ache and suffering. Throw in a pinch of good things….and that makes you want to hang on, clawing for every inch of so called living. For me …..I cant wait to get out of here, where there is no pain, no sorrow no suffering no lack of any thing.
    Im not being unkind…..I just dont get it?

    • I hear you. I know many people feel as you do. I’m sorry it is so painful. All of us have such different stories and the only thing I can really say is that we have to decide somehow to really LIVE while we are here, in the best we can and when it’s time to leave, we get the hell outa dodge. Until then, I’m hoping for healing along the way of all those rough spots that were either self inflicted or inflicted by others. It’s such a work isn’t it? And some do have it harder than others. I know that I too am anxious for a world apart from those things and right now this is all I have, This one. I have to make the best of it and with God’s help and help from our friends, we will make it and maybe some claw marks in there too. ❤

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