The Intensity Of Saying YES.


Day 3 of my journey to inhabiting my own life.

I began Friday with the intention of not rushing, of slowing down, of being in the moment with peace. My whole day went better. I felt peaceful and even energetic. I realized that to say “yes” with intensity, I had to say “no” with intensity as well. I had to stick with my plan, my journey into peace. I had to say “no” to something that was important and sacred to me in order to say yes to what is completely sacred and important to me in the moment. TIME. Energy. Emotion. These three also deal with some philosophies of Yoga as well as Christianity. What do I mean?


I’ve been studying the Yamas & The Niyamas, the 10 commandments of the Yoga Sutras and I especially love the first three. :
1. Ahimsa which means “do no harm or violence”.
2. Satya which means “being truthful”.
3. Asteya which means ” non-stealing.”

As a Christ follower, we also have our 10 commandments and they are very much like these. What I like about the Yamas is that we can take them into more detailed definitions as well as the 10 Commandments. Most of don’t do do violence, but what about taking it deeper, such as , do we harm others feelings , self images, identities etc? Do we harm ourselves by not having personal healthy boundaries? Do we harm our bodies? Do we do harm by not respecting others boundaries? It goes deep doesn’t it? This is called ” MINDFUL THINKING and INTENTIONAL or CONSCIOUS LIVING. And it often alludes me! WHY? I think it’s because I’m not giving a definitive yes or no to what I really value and I live in such a rush so often, that I’m really not thinking at all. I’m just DOING.
What about being truthful? Are we truthful with ourselves and others? Do we want to live conscious lives, not living in denial or lying to others about who we are? I ask myself often how sincere I’m being and I really want to know when I’m not being as truthful as I can be. It’s a disservice to others as well as to myself. When I’m not truthful, it is another form of Ahimsa, it hurts myself and others. It’s also Asteya because it steals trust and confidence in me from others and they from me when I allow untruthfulness from them.


Then there is this idea of non-stealing. When I steal affections that aren’t mine or if affections are stolen from me that aren’t offered, it’s harmful to myself and others. It’s not truthful either. What about stealing someones energy or words, or time without their permission? it’s daunting how I can often live so unconsciously when I’m in my own ego. My peace goes right out the window. I have to do all kinds of cover-ups to keep these things from showing when I don’t want to live them intentionally.

So, this intensity of saying YES to life also challenges me to say NO to what does not serve my highest passion and purpose. These three Yamas, rushing, not thinking, and not valuing what I inwardly give assent to, are what I want to change these next 40 days.

Day 3  is almost over and one thing I have been putting off is TAXES. SO, I’m going to STEAL AWAY for now, become truthful with myself that it can’t be put off any longer, and I’m going to do myself a favor and not have to rush at the LAST minute to get them done, which can really harm my times for fun and recreation!


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