Woman To Woman….


LADIES… If we don’t respect OURSELVES… men will never respect us either. Let me tell ya…..LOVE begins with YOU loving YOURSELF first. When we love our SELVES, we don’t grovel or settle for ANYTHING less than we DESERVE. WHAT do we deserve, one might ask? To have boundaries and ALLOW others to have boundaries too. When we allow another person to cross our CLEAR boundaries OR we ALLOW OURSELVES to cross their CLEAR boundaries, it’s disrespect, and NOT love or CARING.( this goes female to female and male to male as well).
It’s unHEALTHY. It’s harassment. It’s STALKING. Yes, I said that right. STALKING. Emotional affair. STOP IT. If he’s not reaching out to YOU, don’t hold out your hand.

WHY do women do this? Because they are NOT YET settled in their OWN heart that they are WORTHY of respect, so they don’t give it to others either. It begins with us LADIES. Don’t settle, because in the settling…you get N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
What does NOTHING do for YOU or GIVE you?
And it’s not at ALL about THE MAN. It’s about US ladies.

When  a man doesn’t want you, he is not asking for your services  either. Don’t OFFER because though he may take you up on the offer, he is not asking you to fall in love with him, nor is he falling in love with YOU.

If they aren’t OURS already, they aren’t GONNA BE. If they said “NO”, NO MEANS “NO” to men TOO.

To be healthy, we need to be HEALED.Come to man in your WHOLENESS. You don’t want half a man? Then don’t be half a woman. Get a grip on YOURSELF.
My name is Teri Undreiner and I have ” been THERE, dumb THAT, and I approve this message.

( said no needy woman EVER ).








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