Journey’s End…my 43 day journey into inhabiting my own life..


It was Saturday, April 29th. The clouds were heavy with moisture for the second day in a row and I was full of joy. The day began with finishing up some work I started about ten days ago. Work that prepared my house with new carpet, meaning EVERYTHING had to be moved out into the kitchen and for the first time in my life, I had to admit it: I was a hoarder of fun and interesting STUFF. Seeing it all in my large kitchen was daunting, in fact, it didn’t even fit into my kitchen. Some of the collection of furniture and STUFF had to be moved outside. I couldn’t even inhabit my own kitchen for most of these days.

I came across a book intitiled: ” the life-changing magic of tidying up”, by marie kondo. She has the title and her name un- capitalized so that is why I did it as well. The “gyst” as my friend coins (getyourshittogether) of the book is to rid yourself of anything that no longer speaks to your heart or gives you joy. Since yesterday was “May Day”, I celebrated wholeheartedly all the work I had done. I still have a few things to go through but in 10 days, my life has been transformed. When I began this journey, I wasn’t planning on re-doing my WHOLE house or life. I was just going to start new things. Marie’s book is the Japanese Art of de-cluttering and organizing. She says if you do her method, EVERYTHING in your life will change and you will never again collect anything that doesn’t speak to your heart or bring you joy. She even mentioned that new relationships will open up and old ones will end up either transforming or walking away.  Today, May 2, goodwill is coming and carrying all those burdens away. What became a heavy weight in my own home, will bring joy to another, and I couldn’t be happier. And it’s true what she said about other things. Relationships changed overnight. WOW! That’s pretty fast! I knew all along that something was going to take place in my life with this reorganization of priorities but I didn’t think it would be so quick. It’s true though, when you get rid of “clutter”, things that hold you back from inhabiting and living your own life, those who try to invade it or manipulate it have nothing else to do for you or against you.

Reading back over my prior days, I didn’t know what changes would take place in my heart. I thought I might be more creative, more present to my life, more in-tune with things. I started off by intending to being EARLY to work rather than rushing and get there right on time. Nine out of ten days, it happened! I didn’t blog after my last entry because I really wanted to be present to the process of it all. Of course it’s not over. I’ve continued the journey of tidying up in all things. My home is peaceful, my heart is full, and I’m looking for all the new possibilities ready to meet me. During this time, a great friend also approached me about an employment opportunity that I am taking seriously. This opportunity would free me up even more for what passions serve my highest purpose.

Do dreams comes true? I’m betting on the idea that the “life- changing magic of tidying up” will open up some magical spaces for where the untidy things held me bound. In my home, in my heart, and in my mind. In the book, she encourages this process to be done in a style of meditation, actually showing gratitude one by one to the things you are discarding by holding them and then letting them go. Saying “thank-you” to stuff for serving you for however long you had them, and then releasing them to serve others. I loved that idea! And so…I did it. And it does work! Some things were hard to say goodbye to and others , not so much. Below are the pictures of my beginning this process and it began if you remember by my trip to the Sedona Yoga Festival and holding a ceremony for myself by committing to myself to always love, cherish, and honor my own self. That paved the way for everything to change for me. I divorced my old ways and entered in to a new relationship with myself, my God, and with others.

Take a peek at my transformation…

Taking a closer look…
Reaching for what I wanted..

Speaking my truth without backing down..
Everything moved in to the kitchen that could fit.
The Family Room before the transformation with paint and re-rooming.
these have sense been cleaned out again and neatly placed in an old redone armoir.
Refurbished and re-roomed a piece I was tired of..
Got rid of lots of desks and made a nursery for my loves..

chillin’ before and after the transformation.
Saying goodbye TODAY..with gratitude, and moving on for something NEW. I’m excited to see what comes along..and I’m so much freer in mind, body, and spirit, as well as in my own home!

I’m not done yet……g_p87NPOwDiUd-YPkOjfkI6t41LwkG19TkR9M0WDJJj5xuaEeab_Q85W7ixMpsCATzD7AjrzSshz_A=w1195-h672-no

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