The Tongue: Intention Matters


This is Bella. Without the love and training of her owner, Alex, she would still be wild and undisciplined. But with his love and training, she is now an equine therapist that helps people overcome trauma. She, herself, was traumatized but is now using her own trauma INTENTIONALLY. You see here that I was able to do yoga with her near me and she was FREE of a bridle. This is because of an extended time of training beforehand. You see here that I am pointing one way and she another. But…there is no fear in that because we are BOTH self- controlled. SHE could have hurt me, but because I trusted her trainer, I trusted her.

This whole idea that Jesus spoke about in bridling one’s tongue…..
When we put a bit in a horses mouth, it doesn’t prevent the horse from opening it’s mouth, it prevents the horse from going wild in a direction it isn’t intended to go. Using our tongues with INTENTION and FOCUS doesn’t ever mean we don’t speak up or out. It means we direct our whole being in the direction we WANT to go for ourselves AND with others. It’s self- control not self- stifling. It’s self- growth not self -ish. It’s a way to be mature rather than hot headed. It’s a good thing. Alex had to FIRST earn her trust because of her trauma, and she had to learn to trust HIM, because of his trauma. TRUST means a lot. But, when LOVE and growth are the motives and intentions, a wonderful thing can happen in our REALationships.

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