Warrior Posse Designs is my own new line of Apparel that I created where your message is WEAR you live. The idea of a “Posse” is to round up criminals and so often our own thinking can be criminals to us by the constant barrage of negativity. Let’s round those thoughts up and take them captive! These T-shirt can be ordered in any colors and the designs in male or female styles. Each style has the logo “Warrior Posse Designs” with a half moon log “asacredsong.com” over it.

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Holiday Special Prices! All Tshirts $25



This shirt comes in two colors. A Vintage Grey which is brown, and a Military Green. The front says ” Land Of The Free” and the back says , ” Om Of The Brave.” It is a cotton crew. $28…
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“Yoga, Strength Of A Warrior” comes in a Camouflaged green, navy blue, with beige logo. Yoga is changing the lives of those who have faced traumatic events in their lives . $28
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“Ahimsa” is a Sanscrit word meaning ” Do No Harm”. This is a beautiful blue tee with a tree of life and a woman posed as “dancer”. Below it is a Bible Verse reference which means, ” Love does no harm to it’s neighbor”. Who is our neighbor? This is a positive message to remember and share with others. Can be ordered with or without Bible Verse. $28
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“I’m Not Done Yet” is a popular saying among those who want to convey that their life isn’t over and that they are moving forward with it. It’s a semi-colon, which means that very thing, ” I’m not finished”. A great gift of encouragement to give someone else who might be going through a hard time. ” Let Freedom Sing” is a message that when we have freedom, it gives us a voice to speak our truth. Sing it out, loud and clear! Both tees are $28
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“Be A Poser” is such a fun shirt! It features the “Dancer” pose and is here in a burn out grey. $28
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“Yogi 4 God” is a t-shirt designed to let people know about your passion and purpose for doing Faith Based Yoga. It’s white with black lettering here but I also have it in black with white lettering. $28
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“Faith, Hope, Love” with a couple difernt yoga poses is a great message to share with the world that together, these characteristics provide a great foundation to stand on in one’s life. Seen here in slate blue. $28

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