“The test that your discontent is divine is the fact that it has no trace of sadness or bitterness to it.” Anthony De Mello

I have contemplated for so long what it would look like to be a community of people that lived their passions , though different, completely together, side by side, regardless of their beliefs, dogmas, differences, etc. When people who sing the same song , yet in all different languages, each offer up their voices to create a harmony that makes the song even that more beautiful. Where human beings become so human that their divine cannot help but radiate through them towards one another and then out to the world around them. Where love and respect, ability to be teachable and honor, growth and acceptance become the norm and celebrated rather than feared. I have contemplated for so long that it isn’t impossible that we could actually experience what oneness is all about and recognize that the Namaste’ is for all. IMAGINE….




Faith based or non Faith based yoga classes as well as Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Resiliency Training for Veterans and First Responders. I also offer to come to Communities and do a personal Introductory class for them so they can decide if they want a mobile Yoga class. You will also want to click on to my Workshops & Retreats to find the latest Essential Yoga Workshops.  My new offering is  “Yoga For Recovery , Serenity Series”, a 4 week Intro to how Yoga aides in alcohol and drug rehabilitation and remission. The detox process of recovery when coupled with Yoga is a much faster process as the asana practice detoxes the organs that toxins have built up in over the course of the addiction. The mindful consciousness of how we engage the breath clears the “dope brain fog” that those in recovery experience often for a few years. Info further down..

Teri Undreiner Yoga

MY work with Yoga is that I am a mobile yoga teacher that goes to communities and hold classes in their own facility.

My work with Veterans & First Responders is to help them deal with trauma, stress, and learning resiliency in all areas of their lives as they serve the community. I’ve been trained with The Give Back Yoga Foundation, Mindful Yoga Therapy, and Bootstraps, a Stress Management Program with Yoga, online training here in Phx. Here is a short video about Yoga Gives Back involving First Responders.

The Passion & Purpose Of Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Equine Therapy Video

Yoga 4 Seniors, Yoga 4 First Responders, Morning Chi 4 Seniors, Yoga 4 Recovery, Hathaway Yoga, Studio Yoga, Gym Yoga

Article: Yoga isn’t just for girls!

Corporate Yoga:
I love to do onsite Yoga classes for Companies who are looking to bringing healthy modalities into their office space for their employees. I teach Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Classes for strength, flexibility, and energy. I also teach Gentle Beginners classes for those new to Yoga or have limited mobility. Yoga Nidra is my new love and I incorporate it with my Essential Yoga Workshops.

Current running classes are

@ Kula Yoga 12240 N. 51st Ave. on We’d & Fri @ 5:30 pm, Yoga Nidra, and various workshops.

@ Empower Wellness Studio For Women 10818 N. 32nd St. Phx. Mon. 9 am, Yoga, Chi, & Chill. A mixture of Yoga, Qigong, and a Guided Meditation at the end. No experience needed.

@ Holistic Health Solutions, 20045 N. 19th Ave, Phx. Bldg 11, suite 166, Various Workshops such as YogART, YOGA, PAINT, & SIP. Recovery workshops.


Private Yoga classes $69 per hr at my studio

Group classes : $10 per person with a minimum of 8

Outcall Group classes: $80 per hour.












Call Teri @ 602-460-3987

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